[tex-live] license info in tpm file

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Sep 26 09:40:42 CEST 2005

Hi Karl, hi Sebastian!

On Son, 25 Sep 2005, Karl Berry wrote:
> This should be done in the Catalogue, not in the TL-specific capital
> letters.  It already is, thanks to RobinF and others, for many packages.

Wow, didn't know this.

> We could then autoimport the info into the tpm's if we need it there
> (not sure we do).

Could we? Sebastian? That would be really really really great.
I could include it into the texlive Debian packages and make even the
most bastard DD content with a full copyright file, and for the others
it would be also usefull to know the license.

Is it possible to add this easily to the tpm generation script and make
a run?

> If you can send a patch to the Catalogue folks, I hope they will accept
> it.  You can get the current Catalogue sources from the texcatalogue
> project at sarovar.org.

I will check what I have and what they have and then see wethere there
is a difference. Thanks for informing me on this.

Best wishes


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