[tex-live] Grrr... what has happened with lambda/lamed, antomega and ushyphen.tex???

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Sep 25 20:56:14 CEST 2005

    ruhyph16.tex is provided by antomega. 
Yes, I noticed.
    You can't include this file
    into the default languages.dat for lambda/lamed, if you 

All I know is that the previous file mentioned, ruhyph.tex, does not
exist at all.  So we have to replace it with something, or comment it
out the entry.  I don't care which (or what it's replaced with), myself.
I have no idea whether it will actually work.

    -- don't like to create a 'generic' directory for 16-bit hyphenation

That was the one thing which I thought we had all agreed on.  But
apparently it's not happening this year.

    to these fixes omega currenly looks even less usable than John and
    Yannis had left it. 

I was talking about the difference between last year and this year,
which is almost nothing, AFAIK.  John and Yannis left it a long time
before that.  (A new release is always possible, but has not
materialized, as I'm sure you know better than anyone.  Maybe Yannis'
new group, or John's new research project, will come to fruition one of
these days.)

    And I would be glad to take care of omega setup, if nobody else is

I will answer this separately.


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