[tex-live] Antomega format and directory structure again...

Alexej Kryukov akrioukov at newmail.ru
Sun Sep 25 20:50:38 CEST 2005

On Sunday 25 September 2005 22:39, you wrote:
> If you tell texconfig that you want to edit the hyphenation setup,
> you first select a format name. By using the TEXINPUTS search path of
> the specified format name the file specified in fmtutil.cnf is
> located. So, as long as your search paths specify a predictable file,
> it will just work.

That's why I have said "some configuration utils", not just "texconfig".
Yes, I see that texconfig asks for format name before editing a
hyphenation setup, but, AFAIK, the MikTeX GUI configuration tool
still doesn't. And of course if I have to make global changes
in my package, I would like to care about MikTeX users too.

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