[tex-live] alpha-linux build incomplete

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Sep 23 23:26:08 CEST 2005

    Please send me the script, I have written my own script, but I have *no*
    idea what you mean with the 
            edit all
            revert -a
    etc stuff. 

I'll append it, it is tiny.  I got this maddeningly bizarre (for cvs/svn
people) method from Sebastian, king of all perforce idioms :).  Of
course there are plenty of other ways to do the same thing.
If it just confuses you, ignore it.  There's no point in any of us
spending any more dealing with p4 than we have to.

    And when will it happen?

After this release, I sincerely hope.  Barring another disk failure :(.


# 1) use comm to delete necessary files;
# 2) move new/updated files into place;
# 3) run this script with all filenames to do, e.g, `find -type f`
printf "edit..."      | tee /tmp/p4;    p4 edit "$@"  >> /tmp/p4 2>&1
wc -l </tmp/p4

printf "\f add..."    | tee -a /tmp/p4; p4 add "$@"   >> /tmp/p4 2>&1
grep -- '- opened for add' /tmp/p4 | wc -l

# revert things which haven't changed.
printf "\f revert..." | tee -a /tmp/p4; p4 revert -a  >> /tmp/p4 2>&1
grep -- ', reverted' /tmp/p4 | wc -l

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