[tex-live] Re: antomega [was: Multilingual LaTeX: Greek, English, and UTF-8]

Alexej Kryukov akrioukov at newmail.ru
Mon Sep 19 22:42:04 CEST 2005

On Monday 19 September 2005 00:50, Thomas Esser wrote:
> You seem to draw a wrong conclusion. tex// is *always* searched.

Oh, I see... Indeed, I missed the fact, that the whole tex// tree
is now a great dump of commonly accessed files, so that even format
specific directories are not really format specific. I still think
that this is much less worse than TDS 1.0, but at least I can
see some logic in it.

In this situation separating antomega from omega and lambda may
be reasonable (although I still don't understand why it is
necessary to keep a useless lambda format and an equally useless
lamed format, built with babel). So I am starting another thread
were I would like to discuss how a future antomega format should
look like.

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