[tex-live] Re: antomega [was: Multilingual LaTeX: Greek, English, and UTF-8]

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Sun Sep 18 22:50:59 CEST 2005


your suggestion to use antomega's hyphen.cfg for lambda might be right,
but users of TeX Live might want to use the original version (even
though this might seem to be nonsense in your eyes: there was a life
before antomega and people might want to continue to typeset their
old documents).

I don't technically understand all the details behind your arguments,
but my suggestion allows people to use both approaches.

> >   doc/antomega/base
> Antomega is useless without a 16-bit compiler, so having a top-level
> antomega directory (in doc/, source/ or elsewhere) would be a 
> nonsense. doc/omega/antomega is the only acceptable location.

I was trying to help getting your package into TeX Live which has a
structure conforming to TDS-1.1 *now*. The paths that I have suggested
areconforming to this. If this is nonsense to you, I am happy to stop
contributing to this discussion.

> >   tex/antomega/unidata
> These filed are compiler-specific. Don't prohibit access to
> this directory to other omega and aleph-based formats.

You seem to draw a wrong conclusion. tex// is *always* searched.

> >   tex/antomega/base
> >   tex/antomega/encodings
> >   tex/antomega/hyphen
> The hyphenation files are compiler-specific par excellence.
> They were written for omega, not for specially for antomega.
> and can be used with any omega-based format.

So, what? They *are* accessible to any omega-based format...

And, if some file is hidden by something in e.g. tex/generic, one
can always give tex/antomega// a higher precedence by adjusting the
TEXINPUTS setting.

Good luck with your package!


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