[tex-live] Re: antomega [was: Multilingual LaTeX: Greek, English, and UTF-8]

Alexej Kryukov akrioukov at newmail.ru
Fri Sep 16 09:45:51 CEST 2005

On Friday 16 September 2005 00:22, Hans Hagen wrote:
> i didn't follow the discussion closely, but i think that part of the
> reason for removing the engine paths was that there ws a danger for
> duplicate trees in there
>   omega/tex omega/latex  ...

No, there were no such paths. Remember that omega compiler, plain
omega and lambda are counterparts of tex compiler, plain tex and latex.
(And antomega is similar to babel, if we continue this
comparison). So in the older TDS the omega directory was at the same
level of texmf tree as the tex directory and mostly followed its
structure (with one significant difference: omega/lambda corresponded to
tex/latex). So having something like omega/tex would be as illogical and
impossible, as, say, omega/omega.

And of course the whole omega directory was intended only for
compiler-specific files, because everything compatible with various
engines could be placed into tex/{generic,plain,latex}. So I don't
understand what is the danger for duplicate trees you are speaking

> also, you mention hyphenation files ... these are just tex files, so
> you can put them in for instance
>   tex/generic/antomega/generic

This surely would be correct for hyphenation patterns in "generic"
format. However, you miss the fact that antomega's hyphenation patterns
are 16-bit and thus can be used only with omega or aleph. So
they should not be placed into the generic directory, which is
world-searchable. Karl already proposed something like 
tex/omega/generic/; this surely would be better, but still much
worse than the oler TDS structure.

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