[tex-live] Re: antomega [was: Multilingual LaTeX: Greek, English, and UTF-8]

Alexej Kryukov akrioukov at newmail.ru
Thu Sep 15 21:18:25 CEST 2005

On Thursday 15 September 2005 08:14, you wrote:
> I mean that people would receive just plain text file what was
> changed, what to do with files, etc. 

Should I call this file "SPECIFICATION" and put it into the
package root? Anyway, even if I add such recommendations, they
would surely be quite simple, because everything in the package
should be just copied to the main texmf tree one-to-one. At
least it was so before TDS 1.1 was released and I hope it will
be so in future. There are no conflicting files. The only
exception is my language.dat.sample file which should be merged
with omega's default language.dat.

> A small sample file for the test 
> would be also welcome...

Good idea. I'll consider adding such a file in the next release.

> What to do with, e.g., tex/lambda/base/UT1omlgc.fd? Should it be
> rather ut1omlgc.fd, as you've described in your manual? 

Of course I would prefer this file to be named ut1omlgc.fd,
just to comply to naming conventions applied to other *.fd files,
where encoding name is usually written in lowercase. However,
antomega will accept both UT1omlgc.fd and ut1omlgc.fd.

> Morever, if 
> you could try the current TDS recommendations (I know, still not
> perfect), your package would be more easy to install, as well to
> incorporate to the current distributions.

I have already explained why it is impossible for now. For example,
the current TDS doesn't provide a relevant place for storing
omega-specific hyphenation files. I hope this problem can be
resolved somewhere.

> Well, the best way is to cleaning all files relating omega, lambda
> and antomega, and againg refreshing them from CTAN (which should be
> the only source for TL, howgh!). I'm ready for doing that, but please
> do not beat me if I don't include things not documented or not more
> supported, like those from R. Pournader and A. Syropoulos, etc.

I agree with Karl that this cleanup should not be too radical.
However, some things surely can be removed (like *.bgd and *.lay
files, remaining from the old time when omega.sty supported them), and
some moved to more appropriate directories. This is the case of
otibet, ocherokee etc: i don't think lambda/base is a correct
place for package-specific files. There are also some font-specific
*.cfg files, which have a non-tex syntax and so without any doubt
should be placed to the omega directory (even according to TDS 1.1).

> Ahh, really bad news. Could somebody using aleph comment that?

Damn. Aleph really seems to do something quite strange with the OCP
buffer. I'll post a question to the aleph mailing list.

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