[tex-live] preliminary test image for TeX Live 2005

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Sep 9 15:51:12 CEST 2005

    darwin builds have no "pdfopen" and "pdfclose"
    but they contain "bbox" and "ps2eps" which is absent elsewhere.

    could this be fixed?

If Gerben wants to change his stuff to build pdfopen+pdfclose, that's
fine with me.

As for bbox and ps2eps, Gerben had requests from his users to include
them, so they are in the binary sets he delivers to me.  I could remove
them, but what's the point of that?  I see no harm in having them.  (He
also sent me the sources, which are available in /support.)

I certainly don't object in principle to building them for other
architectures, but we need to be reaching stability here.  Building new
binaries always involves lots of hassles.  I don't want to go down that
road right now.

In general, I don't see that these minor discrepancies between arches
are a problem.  Obviously something to minimize, but in my mind it is
not on the critical path.


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