[tex-live] Re: Please drop the DVI-with-pdfTeX hack!

Jerzy B. Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at uni.torun.pl
Thu Sep 8 14:51:27 CEST 2005

On 7 Sep 2005 at 20:11, Frank Küster wrote:

> > For anyone who chooses to do this, my only advice is to explicitly
> > confirm with Volker, Hans, and Jerzy, since it was partly their concern
> > with this incompatibility which made pdftex-dvi.tex be used in the first
> > place.
> Do you know whether all three read this list?

I do read the list. 

I have no hard feelings here---if our users complain we'll explain this as 
On the other hand I do not (and think the same applies to Hans and Volker) 
recall having concerns in this area. There were concerns aired but about 
different things :(  but I think that now it is not the right time to bring 
those forward again---I do not want to have "wanted" letters sent after me :)

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