[tex-live] Probably Old New Bug

Gordon Talge gtalge at silcon.com
Sun Mar 20 23:05:44 CET 2005


I just noticed something on the "texlive-demo-2003b" part of 
the texlive2004 DVD. The "latex.efmt" file is missing when
you try to run the 2003 LaTeX from the DVD. The 2004 LaTeX
works fine.

I did a work around "sorta", by doing tex -ini elatex.ini 
and renaming it and then running tex --fmt latex file.tex.


dvipdfm seems called from the texlive dvd seems to look
for fonts on the hard disk, not just on the DVD.

The DVD was not in the path so I called it like
/dvd/texlive2004/bin/i386-linux/dvipdfm file.dvi

pdflatex from the DVD works fine.

The reason this is a little bit of a problem is that
I have my older system all set up more or less the way
I want it, and I don't relish the thought of taking it
all down and reinstalling stuff. It works for the documents
I create, but there are times when I download a .tex file
from someone else that I want to create a pdf or ps file
from and I get tons of errors, because they are using a
newer system. Then I load in the DVD and try TeXLive
and it almost always works.

Also, I just noticed that my 2203 Demo CD and the install CD
which I have not used at all since I got the 3 disk set ( I used the DVD
has some gunk on the back of them and my cdrom drive won't
read the entire disk. I was wondering if you have any cds
left over from 2003 that you could send me.

-- Gordon

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