[tex-live] dependencies

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sat Jul 30 15:13:22 CEST 2005

Werner LEMBERG wrote:

>On the other hand, most of those packages are required by CJK.tpm
>itself.  Wouldn't it be better to reduce the above to
>    <TPM:Requires>
>      <TPM:Package name="CJK"/>
>      <TPM:Package name="yi4latex"/>
>      <TPM:TLCore name="bin-cjkutils"/>
>      <TPM:TLCore name="collection-basic"/>
>      <TPM:TLCore name="hyphen-pinyin"/>   
>    </TPM:Requires>
yes, definitely. please feel free to make the change.

>BTW, in CJK.tpm, I currently require the maximal configuration, this
>is, the complete functionality of the CJK package is available if
>CJK.tpm is selected -- I could split CJK.tpm into CJK-base.tpm,
>CJK-japanese.tpm, CJK-chinese-traditional.tpm, CJK-thai.tpm, etc.
>I wonder whether I shall do this or whether this is unnecessary, given
>the big hard disks of today's computers.
I wouldn't bother. as you say, disk space is not usually an issue these days

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