[tex-live] ttex on TeXLive

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jul 24 19:22:16 CEST 2005

(For the record, Werner has already seen this ...)

    > I volunteer to do the changes

Great.  I'm perfectly happy for you to do whatever you think best about
the Thai setup in TL, and I dare to presume that Sebastian feels the
same, so please go ahead with that.  You certainly know far better than
me what will work best.  Your plan sounds good as far as I can tell.

    >   2. Install the recent thailatex bundle -- BTW, is this already on
    >      CTAN?

In general, for TL we *strongly* encourage all authors to make sure that
what we install is on CTAN.  To the point of not updating if the updates
are not on CTAN.  I'm not clear on who wrote what here, but can we
please make sure that whatever fonts/styles/programs end up in TL are
also on CTAN, in some form?

    Since it is a Unix filter it should be straightforward to compile it
    on all platforms.

Compiling *anything* new in TL is far from straightforward :(.  Should
be added to the various Makefiles, configures, and withenable.ac's.
Not kpathsea or any of the other libraries will certainly make it
easier, though.


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