[tex-live] Re: Debian TeX live packages are ready for testing

Arne Jørgensen arne.jorgensen at tug.dk
Thu Jul 21 02:28:44 CEST 2005

Arne Jørgensen <arne.jorgensen at tug.dk> writes:

>>> >> 3. My test document tried to generate some missing fonts, but failed
>>> >>    because `gsftopk' was missing (I then installed `texlive-binextra'
>>> >>    where it is present).
>>> >
>>> > Which fonts, can I see a testrun, thanks.
>>> Minimal document attached as test3.tex.
>> Do you have lmodern or texlive-fontsrecommended installed? 
> I had lmodern installed (I thought it was purged but it wasn't), but
> purging it makes no difference. texlive-fontsrecommended is installed.

That was because I still had some left overs in ~/.texmf-var/

Removing that directory solved my problem with the Latin Modern fonts.
You really gotta watch out when purging an old system!

This means my new Debian TeX Live installation is without serious
problems now. Thank you, Norbert et al.

Kind regards,
Arne Jørgensen <http://arnested.dk>
DK-TUG / Danish TeX Users Group <http://www.tug.dk/>

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