[tex-live] Re: debian packages ready

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Jul 19 16:11:42 CEST 2005

Hi Frank, hi all!

On Die, 19 Jul 2005, Frank Küster wrote:
> > It does not seem like a good idea to leave out the preview styles from
> > TeXlive just on the hunch that the operating system might also provide
> > preview-latex in an unnecessarily conflicting manner.
> I don't think we were talking about leaving them out from TeXlive
> proper, but from the Debian package texlive-latexextra.  We can still do

True, completely.

> (preview-latex and texlive-"ps4pdf") depend on "preview-latex-style |
> texlive-previewlatex" and add the required versions when necessary.

Well there is no texlive-previewlatex (If we would go down to this level
we would have several hundreds of debian packages, and we decided not to
do this).

I have taken out preview-latex of the texlive-latexextra package (not of
course out of TeX live proper).

Fortunately the debian package preview-latex-style does NOT depend on
tetex specifically, so you can install it also into texlive.

The texlive-latexextra suggests preview-latex-style

Best wishes


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