[tex-live] Re: debian packages ready

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jul 19 01:11:08 CEST 2005

    The preview styles are a required part for ps4pdf and a few other

ps4pdf.sty depends on preview-latex?  I don't remember anything like
this, and http://www.perce.de/LaTeX/ps4pdf/ps4pdf.sty doesn't seem to
mention it.  Are you talking about a different ps4pdf?

Anyway, this is a side issue.

    It does not seem like a good idea to leave out the preview styles from

I had the impression that you were going to release everything
"integrated" tightly together instead of in separate pieces.  Guess
that's wrong.  No need to explain, it doesn't matter.  If there's some
directory on CTAN which will eventually contain (la)tex files and
similar, which can be installed usefully as a TL package by themselves,
as you describe, then sure, I agree, we'll include that.  If I have to
pick out certain files from certain directories and omit others, that
would be a drag.


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