[tex-live] Re: language.dat handling in Debian

Ivan Raikov raikov at cc.gatech.edu
Mon Jul 18 15:42:50 CEST 2005

Hi guys,

   The patterns are actually for the Church Slavonic language,
provided by a package called HIPTeX. Since this is not a living
language, and its use is rather specialized, I don't think I can
expect it to be added to Babel or to the TeTeX distribution. I hope
it's not too much trouble to change the package infrastructure to
accommodate adding new hyphenation patterns. Thanks for at least
giving the issue some thought.


Frank Küster <frank at debian.org> writes:

> Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> wrote:
>> * What are the essential things we have to do, and how?
> [...]
>> - language.dat, fmtutil.cfg
>> 	Until now I haven't though about them, sorry. Ideas?
> language.dat is indeed a problem.  Up to now, there were no packages
> providing hyphenation patterns besides tetex-base.  We have now a
> request from a packager who wants to provide additional patterns:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-tetex-maint/2005/07/msg00115.html
> So one solution would be to extend the update-foo mechanism to
> language.dat and have an /etc/texmf/hyphen.d/.  Ivan, are you just
> trying to package the bulgarian patterns for local usage, or is it about
> a different set of patterns?
> Norbert, please remind us of the structuring of language support in
> tex-live:  Will there be separate packages for most of the languages, so
> that one cannot tell which patterns are available without actually
> checking whether they are installed?  Or are the patterns installed in a
> base installation?
> Regards, Frank

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