[tex-live] Re: pdfopen in TL

Christian Schenk cs at miktex.org
Mon Jul 4 08:36:51 CEST 2005

Hans Hagen wrote:
> fyi: pdfopen and pdfclose have been part of the windows fptex 
> distribution for ages; it was never picked up for other platforms until 
> taco did the translation (because texexec uses it); so, make sure that 
> you don't overwrite existing windows versions;

Hi list, I'm investigating the possibility to make pdfopen (aka pdfdde) 
a part of the MiKTeX distribution.  pdfopen (at least the Windows 
version) is (C) Adobe.  The "Acrobat(r) Plug-ins software development 
kit license" applies here.  I tried to get more info about this license. 
Without success.  It seems that you have to become an ASN developer 
(i.e., pay $195) before you can download the pdfdde sources.  To make it 
short: am I allowed to
- fetch the pdfdde sources (from the TL source depot)
- compile and distribute pdfdde.exe?
The README in TeX/texk/contrib doesn't tell.


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