[tex-live] bad TFM files in TeXLive!

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sat Jul 2 21:06:26 CEST 2005

> [...] That's the reason why the tfm files on UNIX or Windows systems
> are usually shorter.
> I will not change this feature since it does not harm other users.

Maybe you can add a sentence to the README file to inform the users
about this feature.

> I consider correcting the font encoding scheme (I wonder why
> METAFONT generates happily tfm files which are BAD by the standards
> of tftopl).

Don't blame metafont!  While tftopl.web explicitly says that
`parentheses should not appear in this name' (this is, in the font
encoding scheme), Metafont simply uses the data from the `headerbyte'
command, without checking, and this command does appear neither in
plain.mf nor in cmbase.mf.

It is a problem of `modes.mf' which doesn't contain a proper character
check in function BCPL_string().  Karl, can you fix this?


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