[tex-live] dvips cannot find figures

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Sat Dec 31 02:38:51 CET 2005

Reinhard Kotucha writes today:

>> Fortunately, the program getnonfreefonts(1) in TeXLive-2005 executes
>> programs in $TMP rather than in /tmp.

There is long-standing, and widespread, practice in the Unix world of
referring to a temporary directory in scripts via the name TMPDIR,
rather than TMP.

For example, on Sun Solaris 10, here are manual pages for some
programs that use TMPDIR:

	% grep -l TMPDIR /usr/share/man/man*/*

On GNU/Linux, the list is even longer: 50 on one of my systems.

The Sun tmpfs manual page says:

>> ...
>>      Compilers do not necessarily use /tmp to write  intermediate
>>      files  therefore  missing some significant performance bene-
>>      fits. This can be remedied by setting the environment  vari-
>>      able  TMPDIR  to  /tmp.  Compilers  use  the  value  in this
>>      environment variable as the name of the directory  to  store
>>      intermediate files.
>> ...

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