[tex-live] TeXlive for Debian - upload to experimental

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Dec 29 17:08:33 CET 2005

Dear Neil, dear Jörg, dear all!

Another day, another round, another package killed, another 33Mb gone.

I have removed texlive-lang-cjk (from orig.tar.gz and the whole deb), as
the coming packages latex-cjk-all will provide everything. So the size
is stripped down again quite a lot.

Furthermore, all the packages have beein install-remove-install-purge
tested in a clean pbuilder environment. All passed this test but the
package `texlive', but this is a texinfo bug which will be fixed with
the next upload of texinfo (and this bug only occurs in very seldom

The packages also now include a diagramm of the dependency tree, and all
documentation is now collected into /u/s/d/texlive-doc.

Neil: Please if you find time upload the packages to experimental. You
can get all the stuff from the usual place. Note that the .orig.tar.gz
have changed again, since I removed texlive-lang-cjk. Please get all.

    	deb http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ pool/
    	deb-src http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ pool/

I hope that we now can agree that the packages are ready for inclusion
into experimental. 

I include the extended short description you all have already seen.
Further down is a the complete ChangeLog from the first upload try to
the current status.

Dear ftp masters!

After the first try to submit the texlive packages and the rejection a
long discussion on debian-devel developed [1] [2]. Following is a 
description of the changes/advances of the packages wrt to last version.

1) packages names and source packages
2) removed and new packages, reuse of stuff already in Debian
3) interaction with tetex and other packages
4) Removal of problematic material
5) Testing procedure

1) packages names and source packages

The packages have been renamed according to standards used in Debian, as
discussed in the above mentioned thread. Furthermore, there are now only
five source packages (texlive-bin for arch=any, and texlive-doc,
texlive-lang, texlive-base, texlive-extra) grouped after importance and

2) removed and new packages, reuse of stuff already in Debian

Sevaral packages have been removed (texlive-ps-utils, texlive-ttf-utils,
texlive-graphics-tools, texlive-lang-arab, texlive-htmlxml, texlive-lang-cjk) 
as they are either not directly related to TeX (former three) and/or 
are present in Debian (later three). Bugs and patches have been filed and 
send to those packages in need of upgrade (arabtex is already updated,
tipa expects an NMU). Especially the removal of texlive-lang-cjk reduced
the packages (orig.tar.gz, source, bin) a lot.
Some TeX packages are not included in the source and binary debian packages,
as they are in Debian and need only some fixes (prosper, texpower,
tpslifonts, tipa, lcdf-typetools). These packages have been repackaged
(only changed control file) and put on the tug server [3] for interim use.
A new packages texlive has been created which pulls in all texlive
packages plus those which are already in Debian and not build from 
texlive sources, to get a complete system mirroring an installation
of TeX live from the original DVD.
More packages are in the process of being singled out respectivly updated
in the Debian repository, to reduce duplication.

3) interaction with tetex and other packages

The dependencies of some of the texlive packages have been modified that
they can be used with tetex3 (in unstable). This will bring many of the
fonts and style files up to now not available for teTeX on Debian into
easy reach.

A graphics showing the dependencies of the the texlive packages and
marking those which can be installed together with tetex is included
in the texlive-doc-base package (tl4deb-deptree.pdf).

Packages depending only on teTeX but working with texlive have been 
repackaged (only control file edited) and put onto the tug server to be
used with the texlive packages. As soon as texlive enters Debian, I will
file bugs to the respective packages.

4) Removal of problematic material

At the request of the author, XyMTeX will be removed from next
years TeX live. It has been already removed from the debian packages
of this year, both from .orig.tar.gz and from the binary deb.

Furthermore, ppower has also been removed as it contains a jar file 
without sources. There is an ITP [4] and I hope the maintainer can get
the java sources and build a proper Debian package.

5) Testing procedure

Each single package has gone through a full aptitude install - remove -
install - purge cycle in a clean pbuilder chroot.

All packages succeeded this test but `texlive', but the breakage of `texlive'
is bound to an error in texinfo, which calls fmtutil-sys without assuring
that texlive-base-bin is configured. This error will be fixed in the next
upload of texinfo.


[1] Start of the thread

[2] Continuation next month

[3] tug webserver with updated packages
    deb(-src) http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ updpkg/

[4] ITP ppower4


The final ChangeLog part from the first upload try to the current one is
version 2005-1 experimental Wed, 28 Dec 2005 12:10:54 +0100

28.12.2005 NP
  * kill texlive-lang-cjk package:
    - move yi4latex to texlive-latex-extra
    - recommend latex-cjk-all (>= 4.6.0+cvs20051031-4)
  * remove 40_hbf2gf.dpatch as it is not included into the package
  * add libpoppler-dev to Build-Deps for texlive-bin
  * upload to experimental, based on scripts revision 262.
  * Upload sponsored by Neil McGovern <maulkin at halon.org.uk>

27.12.2005 NP
  * move unified doc dir to /usr/share/doc/texlive-doc as there is a 
    package texlive, install all the README.?? etc also there
  * include fixes from Werner Lemberg for hbf2gf and mktexmf
       dpatch/texlive-bin/40_hbf2gf.dpatch and 41_maketexmf.dpatch
  * switch pdfetex from libxpdf to libpoppler, patch taken from tetex

26.12.2005 NP
  * add missing dependency of texlive-omega onto texlive-latex-base for
    latex.ltx in lambda.ini (todo for depot)
  * move mltex and bin-mltex to texlive-formats-extra (todo for depot)
  * add missing dependency of texlive-formats-extra onto texlive-latex-base
    for bplain.tex and mllatex (todo for depot)
  * include diagram into texlive-doc-base package
  * fix --noremove option to tpm2deb.pl
  * add sharutils to build-deps of texlive-doc

23.12.2005 NP
  * created a diagram of dependencies
  * implement automatic test system, testing all packages with install-
    remove-install-purge cycle
  * fix installation of eplain format, it has been moved to tl-plain-extra
    instead of tl-formats-extra (todo for depot)
  * for the texlive-doc-* packages call mktexlsr only if it is available
    (these packages do not depend on texlive-base-bin)

21.12.2005 NP
  * call fmtutil-sys --all in tl-base and tl-base-bin postinst script
  * move tex4ht from recommends to depends for the texlive package, as
    it is already fixed in unstable to work with texlive and tetex.
  * Include relation to teTeX in README.Debian

15.12.2005 NP
  * make texlive-math-extra and texlive-plain-extra conflict with tetex
  * version dependency of cm-super >= 0.3.3-3 due to the name change
  * include pdftex update to 1.30.5, bugfix release
  * texlive-font-utils conflicts with tetex

14.12.2005 NP
  * tl-htmlxml completely replaced, removed conflict of tl-context vs tex4ht
  * let texlive recommend tex4ht in locally updpkg version

13.12.2005 NP
  * make packages which are not texlive specific depend on either texlive
    or tetex, and remove unnecessary conflicts with tetex, so that tetex
    users can use the texlive packages, too.

12.12.2005 NP
  * Rename dependency from lcdftypetools to lcdf-typetools
  * don't build texlive-htmlxml but recommend the respective debian pkgs
  * move xmlplay from texlive-htmlxml (not build) to tl-latex-extra

11.12.2005 NP
  * remove texlive from the dependencies of the texlive packages
  * include security fix xpdf-3.01pl1.patch (CAN-2005-3193)
  * add bzip2 to build-dep
  * fix installation of getnonfreefonts(-sys)

10.12.2005 NP
  * fix rules generation to first unpack and then patch
  * add texdoctk patch warning if perl-tk is not installed (stolen from tetex)
    and remap-link texdotk.{defaults,dat} to /etc/texmf/texlive/texdoctk
  * add a texlive meta package that pulls in all sub packages and other
    Debian packages resulting in a more or less complete TeX Live system.
  * change orig.tar.gz layout to look exactely like the DVD (so we can
    once put the debian dir into the DVD)

09.12.2005 NP
  * use source.tar.bz2 from Master/source (i.e. from the DVD)

03.12.2005 NP
  * blacklist euclide.tpm, as it is superseeded by pst-eucl (todo for depot)
  * "give Debian what Debian is":
    - do not build texlive-lang-arab as it is arabtex which is in Debian
    - blacklist prosper and depend on prosper (fix for prosper needed)
      recommend prosper
    - blacklist texpower and tpslifonts as they are superseeded by the
      Debian texpower package (fix for texpower needed), recommend texpower
    - blacklist tipa as it is in Debian (fix for tipa send to maintainers)
      recommend tipa
  * switch field separator in cfg file to ; so that epoch specifications work

02.12.2005 NP
  * blacklisting xymtex as it is not distributable.
  * blacklist (bin-)ppower4 as it depends on java and no sources
    are provided within texlive (but you can get it from the author)
  * save ChangeLog in utf8

01.12.2005 NP
  * add dependency tl-context -> tl-metapost (thanks Arne JÞrgensen)
    (todo for depot)

30.11.2005 NP
  * add symlink from texmf-texlive/ls-R to /var/lib/texmf/ls-R-TEXLIVE
  * kill packages ttf-utils, ps-utils, graphics-tools, they should become
    proper Debian packages

29.11.2005 NP
  * another round of package renaming, adaptions to the perl script
  * move only the files from texmf-dist and texmf-doc to texmf-texlive, 
    leave others in place (more work for teTeX cooperation has to be done)
  * fix lintian generation for source packages

28.11.2005 NP
  * reduce number of source packages
  * rename various packages

27.11.2005 NP
  * properly clean up debian subdir with target clean, ie remove the
    generated maintainer scripts and the generated .link files.
  * upgrade pgf in texlive-pictures to 1.01 for compatibility fixes

24.11.2005 NP
  * Close the ITP (Closes: #312897)
  * add a dependency tl-htmlxml -> tl-latexrecommended because jadetex
    needs the ecrm fonts.
  * switch to texmf-texlive tree, which also makes a dependency on
    tex-common >= 0.12 necessary.

Best wishes


Dr. Norbert Preining <preining AT logic DOT at>             Università di Siena
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