[tex-live] update in P4 repository?

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Dec 27 11:03:29 CET 2005

>     In case you want a complete stop of updating within the
>     repository, or in case you are moving the whole TeXLive tree to
>     a different locatation, please inform me.
> Indeed, I'm in the process of moving it to subversion, so probably
> best not to commit anything more to p4.

When are you done?  I've just discovered another bug:

  mktexmf csso1212

generates a file csso1212.mf which it shouldn't do -- it is a CJK font
to be handled by hbf2gf.  It's a bug in mktexmf: The $rootname
variable holds the font name without the trailing digits (`csso'), but
the `case' statement later on tests whether the font name is identical
to `csso12[0-5][0-9]' which always fails.


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