[tex-live] TeXlive for Debian - upload to experimental

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Dec 22 17:31:10 CET 2005

Dear Neil, dear Jörg, dear all!

I have done another rebuild of the TeX live packages. Now all the
dependencies/conflicts with tetex are correct and let those packages

Neil: Please if you find time upload the packages to experimental. You
can get all the stuff from the usual place:

    	deb http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ pool/
    	deb-src http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ pool/

The packages build on current pbuilder chroot, and install onto a clean
pbuilder system (and remove and purge).

I hope that we now can agree that the packages are ready for inclusion
into experimental. 

I add below here a short description of changes which I have already
sent to Jörg. The most important change IMHO is the cooperation with
tetex, which lets users of tetex on Debian use several packages of the
texlive family.

Dear ftp masters!

After the first try to submit the texlive packages and the rejection a
long discussion on debian-devel developed [1] [2]. I have prepared a 
new set of packages and plan to upload them to experimental via my 
sponsor. But before doing this (it is a big package to move around) I
would like to ask wether you see any a-priori problems with the changes
I made, or with changes I didn't made but you wanted to have. So here
is a short description of the changes. If you have any comments please
let me know, that I can incorporate them.

1) packages names and source packages

The packages have been renamed according to standards used in Debian, as
discussed in the above mentioned thread. Furthermore, there are now only
five source packages (texlive-bin for arch=any, and texlive-doc,
texlive-lang, texlive-base, texlive-extra) grouped after importance and

2) removed and new packages, reuse of stuff already in Debian

Sevaral packages have been removed (texlive-ps-utils, texlive-ttf-utils,
texlive-graphics-tools, texlive-lang-arab, texlive-htmlxml) as they are 
either not directly related to TeX (former three) and/or are present in 
Debian (later two). Bugs and patches have been filed and send to those 
packages in need of upgrade (arabtex is already updated, tipa expects
an NMU).
Some TeX packages are not included in the source and binary debian packages,
as they are in Debian and need only some fixes (prosper, texpower,
tpslifonts, tipa, lcdf-typetools). These packages have been repackaged
(only changed control file) and put on the tug server [3] for interim use.
A new packages texlive has been created which pulls in all texlive
packages plus those which are already in Debian and not build from 
texlive sources, to get a complete system mirroring an installation
of TeX live from the original DVD.
More packages are in the process of being singled out respectivly updated
in the Debian repository, to reduce duplication.

3) interaction with tetex and other packages

The dependencies of some of the texlive packages have been modified that
they can be used with tetex3 (in unstable). This will bring many of the
fonts and style files up to now not available for teTeX on Debian into
easy reach.

Packages depending only on teTeX but working with texlive have been 
repackaged (only control file edited) and put onto the tug server to be
used with the texlive packages. As soon as texlive enters Debian, I will
file bugs to the respective packages.

4) Removal of problematic material

At the request of the author, XyMTeX will be removed from next
years TeX live. It has been already removed from the debian packages
of this year, both from .orig.tar.gz and from the binary deb.

Furthermore, ppower has also been removed as it contains a jar file 
without sources. There is an ITP [4] and I hope the maintainer can get
the java sources and build a proper Debian package.


[1] Start of the thread

[2] Continuation next month

[3] tug webserver with updated packages
    deb(-src) http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ updpkg/

[4] ITP ppower4


Best wishes


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