[tex-live] TeXlive for Debian - ready for experimental?

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Dec 14 13:33:44 CET 2005

Hi all!

Ok, I really think that the packages are ready now. But please, some of
you test it. I have my main machine on the university and my laptop
running these packages.

After some testing I will build the `final' upload version for Neil to
upload (it is not the one we have now, as some conflicts are missing,
but I expect only minor changes).


Work since the last version (3.12.) has been mainly put into updating
more packages to work with texlive (in updpkg/) and compatibility with

The biggest news is probably that tetex users now can install
several texlive packages without any problem (typical candidates:
texlive-latex-extra, texlive-fonts-recommended, texlive-fonts-extra).

Please note that texlive-htmlxml is gone. It is replaced by tex4ht,
xmltex, passivetex, jadetex, all of them in `fixed' versions in the
updpkg/ repository.

Finally, a meta package `texlive' has been made that pulls in a more or
less complete texlive system, i.e. all the texlive packages, plus those
which are in TeX live, but are not included in the Debian packages
because equivalent packages are already in Debian (cm-super, tipa,
jadetex, ...).

For those who use aptitude, the new packages are still -1 but should be
installed automatically/upgraded. For apt-get/dpkg I don't know wether
it checks that this is a new version of  2005-1.

Current Version: 2005-1

Get it at
   	deb http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ pool/
   	deb-src http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ pool/
   	deb http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ updpkg/
   	deb-src http://www.tug.org/texlive/Debian/ updpkg/
http://www.tug.org/texlive/debian.html contains a lot of information, please
read it.

Complete Changelog for this version and the previous one:

version 2005-1 experimental Wed, 14 Dec 2005 10:48:46 +0100

14.12.2005 NP
  * tl-htmlxml completely replaced, removed conflict of tl-context vs tex4ht
  * let texlive recommend tex4ht in locally updpkg version

13.12.2005 NP
  * make packages which are not texlive specific depend on either texlive
    or tetex, and remove unnecessary conflicts with tetex, so that tetex
    users can use the texlive packages, too.

12.12.2005 NP
  * Rename dependency from lcdftypetools to lcdf-typetools
  * don't build texlive-htmlxml but recommend the respective debian pkgs
  * move xmlplay from texlive-htmlxml (not build) to tl-latex-extra

11.12.2005 NP
  * remove texlive from the dependencies of the texlive packages
  * include security fix xpdf-3.01pl1.patch (CAN-2005-3193)
  * add bzip2 to build-dep
  * fix installation of getnonfreefonts(-sys)

10.12.2005 NP
  * fix rules generation to first unpack and then patch
  * add texdoctk patch warning if perl-tk is not installed (stolen from tetex)
    and remap-link texdotk.{defaults,dat} to /etc/texmf/texlive/texdoctk
  * add a texlive meta package that pulls in all sub packages and other
    Debian packages resulting in a more or less complete TeX Live system.
  * change orig.tar.gz layout to look exactely like the DVD (so we can
    once put the debian dir into the DVD)

09.12.2005 NP
  * use source.tar.bz2 from Master/source (i.e. from the DVD)

03.12.2005 NP
  * blacklist euclide.tpm, as it is superseeded by pst-eucl
  * "give Debian what Debian is":
    - do not build texlive-lang-arab as it is arabtex which is in Debian
    - blacklist prosper and depend on prosper (fix for prosper needed)
      recommend prosper
    - blacklist texpower and tpslifonts as they are superseeded by the
      Debian texpower package (fix for texpower needed), recommend texpower
    - blacklist tipa as it is in Debian (fix for tipa send to maintainers)
      recommend tipa
  * switch field separator in cfg file to ; so that epoch specifications work

02.12.2005 NP
  * blacklisting xymtex as it is not distributable.
  * blacklist (bin-)ppower4 as it depends on java and no sources
    are provided within texlive (but you can get it from the author)
  * save ChangeLog in utf8

01.12.2005 NP
  * add dependency tl-context -> tl-metapost (thanks Arne JÞrgensen)

30.11.2005 NP
  * add symlink from texmf-texlive/ls-R to /var/lib/texmf/ls-R-TEXLIVE
  * kill packages ttf-utils, ps-utils, graphics-tools, they should become
    proper Debian packages

29.11.2005 NP
  * another round of package renaming, adaptions to the perl script
  * move only the files from texmf-dist and texmf-doc to texmf-texlive, 
    leave others in place (more work for teTeX cooperation has to be done)
  * fix lintian generation for source packages

28.11.2005 NP
  * reduce number of source packages
  * rename various packages

27.11.2005 NP
  * properly clean up debian subdir with target clean, ie remove the
    generated maintainer scripts and the generated .link files.
  * upgrade pgf in texlive-pictures to 1.01 for compatibility fixes

24.11.2005 NP
  * Close the ITP (Closes: #312897)
  * add a dependency tl-htmlxml -> tl-latexrecommended because jadetex
    needs the ecrm fonts.
  * switch to texmf-texlive tree, which also makes a dependency on
    tex-common >= 0.12 necessary.

Best wishes


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