[tex-live] TeX Collection: Call for orders (first and last one)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Nov 15 23:51:58 CET 2004

FYI, the announcement from Klaus to the TeX user groups asking for the orders.

It will take several days to put the disc images together, as usual.  So
I'd like to make this Sunday the final cutoff for changes, including the
doc translations.  (This is the same time the user groups need to send
their orders by.)  It almost always takes several iterations on the doc,
so sooner would be very much better.


(Petr/Jan, Daniel, thanks for sending the Czech and French translations


Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 15:26:21 +0100
From: Klaus Hoeppner <vice-president at dante.de>
To: lug-boards at ifi.uio.no
Subject: [tug-board] LUG-boards: TeX Collection: Call for orders (first and
	last one)

Dear LUG leader,
dear reader,

we are in the final stage of the production of 
   TeX-Collection 2004 (proTeXt+CTAN+TeXLive)

As last year there will be a production of TeX Collection, but there are
some news:

This time, DVD and CDs are packaged seperately and can be ordered

TeX Collection will be a single DVD-9 (double layered DVD), consisting
- proTeXt, a TeX distribution based on MiKTeX, WinEdt(eval version)/
  TeXnicCenter, Ghostscript/GSview, put together by University of Hagen,
- CTAN snapshot as usual
- TeXLive in the state of in about two weeks.

TeX Collection will be packed in a single cardbox (again: no more CDs
included in TeX Collection) and be produced by Lehmanns bookstore in
The price for user groups will be approx. 0.70 Euro (0.90 USD) plus shipping.
Orders from EU countries will be plus VAT if you don't supply a valid
VAT number.

Additional to TeX Collection there will be two CDs:
One CD with proTeXt (TeX for Windows based on MiKTeX as explained above),
one CD with TeX Live.
Each of them will be in a single cardbox, too. The price for user groups
will be approx. 0.50 Euro (0.70 USD) per CD, plus shipping plus the
VAT thing for EU orders as explained above.
Remind that the contents of both CDs is already included on DVD.

Production is scheduled for end of this month, so hopefuly they will be
ready in early december. To hold this deadline it is important that you
place your orders as soon as possible, latest Sunday, Nov. 21 or
Monday, Nov. 22 morning.
Please send an email to cdrom at dante.de with the following data:
Numbers of pieces for TeX Collection DVD, proTeXt CD and TeX Live CD,
shipping address and VAT number (for EU orders, otherwise you will be
charged VAT).

For those who miss CTAN snapshot on CDs: There will be no production of
CTAN CD sets by Lehmanns this year as nobody wanted last year's set.
But there will be a small production by TUG, so if you want CTAN on CDs,
please address to TUG.

The cover drafts aren't ready yet but expect them to be announced the next

vice president of DANTE

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