[tex-live] Viewing doc through texdocpk

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Nov 4 02:10:38 CET 2004

    to package maintainers, and, in some cases only, texdodpk 
    is not aware of these changes,  examples:
    -- amsldoc.dvi  (not found, replaced by amsldoc.pdf)
    -- amsthdoc.dvi (not found, replaced by amsthdoc.pdf)
    -- grfguide.dvi (not found, replaced by grfguide.ps)

I am sad that texdoctk apparently requires manual maintenance of every
single doc file.  This does not seem like a good idea.  Why not search
for both .dvi and .pdf, at the very least?  And surely subdir searching
would be a much better mechanism than explicitly specifying every
directory.  Wow.

Staszek, I think you've talked with the texdoctk maintainer before.
Would you like to bring up this problem, maybe show them Thomas's
script, etc.?  I am not inclined to hack up texdoctk.dat myself.


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