[tex-live] Changelists 4884 - 4889: ctie, locales, readlink, makempx...

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Sat May 29 13:23:40 CEST 2004

I've just submitted the following changes to the repository.

Change 4889 on 2004/05/29 by olaf at olaf

         If the mpxerr.tex begins with a %&-line, get the name of the
         program to use from it.  The default 'tex' has become a problem
         now that 'latex' requires the 'etex' engine.  Reported by Lars
         Madsen <...>.

Change 4888 on 2004/05/29 by olaf at olaf

        Update the pdf*tex help strings to have the correct format
        extension in them (.fmt).

Change 4887 on 2004/05/29 by olaf at olaf

        Remove the locale-dependent code.  This includes the windows-specific
        OEM option.

Change 4886 on 2004/05/29 by olaf at olaf

        Add 'ctie' by Julian Gilbey to the distribution.

Change 4885 on 2004/05/29 by olaf at olaf

        Rename readlink to kpsereadlink.  GNU coreutils has its own
        readlink binary these days, and as with 'access', it appears
        not a good idea for a specialized package like kpathsea to
        include binaries with such generic names.

Change 4884 on 2004/05/29 by olaf at olaf

        Make the (old) variant suffixes for format files alternate suffixes.
        With the switch to using only .fmt, the rationale for having these
        as primaries is gone (and they will be completely removed later).

Olaf Weber

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