[tex-live] mailman archives now private?

Stefan Ulrich stefanulrich at users.sourceforge.net
Thu May 13 20:08:23 CEST 2004

Kaja P Christiansen <kaja at daimi.au.dk> writes:

>> have been switched from public to private. What that to prevent
>> spambots from harvesting email addresses? 

> Yes, that was the thought behind. 
> Besides, the list is not of a 'texhax' type but basically devoted to the 
> development/production issues and probably of little interest to non-members.

Well, http://texlive.sarovar.org/ says:

   Please report problems to the tex-live mailing list, but first
   check the list of known bugs and updates.

IMHO it would make sense for people to be able to search whether
their problem has been addressed before.

>> search engines like Google won't be
>> able to crawl the archives

> Anyone can subscribe and read the archives...

However sometimes I can't remember whether a particular problem
had been reported on tetex, tetex-beta, tex-k or tex-live. In
such cases it's very convenient to be able to search multiple
resources at once.

> And, sometimes people get new bosses, and prefer not to have
> old postings plastered all over Google.

Ummh, I for one am not working in TeX related business, but I've
never found that to be a problem ... I'd have thought most of the
contributors here had a rather obvious Google profile anyway ;-)

Stefan Ulrich

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