[tex-live] TL2004: Technical problems and testing

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Thu May 13 18:46:24 CEST 2004

> We know that Petr feels they should depend on --8bit/tcx.  I don't
> disagree, especially since Petr has reminded us that with
> --translate-file until 2002, isprint() was not used.

Has anybody complained about TL7 (2002) regarding garbeled terminals
or something similar?

Locales used to be disabled if tcx was in use in that version. And
due to the automatic (fallback, if no other tcx specified) loading of
cp8bit.tcx, one can say, that the default setup in TL7 was to write
full 8bit, completely independed of any locale. So, the only way to make
characters unprintable was to specify a different tcx.

If we remove the locale dependency now, we are in no way worse than
the TL7 version (regarding the possibility to "garble" a terminal).
And, we are in many ways better (enctex, xord/xchr/xprn in the format
and thus more flexible etc.)

After that came to my mind, I vote for:
  disable locales completely, just rely on the xord/xchr/xprn arrays


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