[tex-live] Re: context / directory structure

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu May 6 19:36:02 CEST 2004

At 17:09 06/05/2004, Thomas Esser wrote:

>dvips/enc? I don't know what you mean.

sorry, i meant  e.g /usr/tex/fonts/enc/dvips

> > my $mappath = "$fontroot/fonts/map" ;
>If the map files don't use specific pdftex related features, they should go
>to $fontroot/fonts/map/dvips/<package>.

hm, so then the tds documentation should contain a table which specifies 
the differences between the three engines (i must admit that i never looked 
into what dvips really needs as a minimum)

> > my $encpath = "$fontroot/fonts/enc" ;
>That should be $fontroot/fonts/enc/dvips/<package>.
> > my $mappath = "$fontroot/fonts/dvips/map" ;
> > my $encpath = "$fontroot/fonts/dvips/enc" ;

sorry, my mistake

> > since i need to choose, should i randomly choose between them?
>Choose dvips if you don't make use of specific features.

ok, so this means that in principle the acronym "dvips" no longer stands 
for an application but for a minimal standard for map files; this is fine 
with me but then should be made official and described in a separate 
document, or an appendix to the tds document. (psmap would then be a better 

>The first level under fonts/map describes the "syntax" of the file. pdftex
>has followed dvips in map file syntax (and slightly extended it), so
>I recommend that map files that don't make use of any extensions should
>be put into fonts/map/dvips. This does not mean that this map file is
>for exclusive use of dvips.

indeed, so we now consider 'dvips' to be a syntax scheme (which then 
becomes frozen in order not to introduce conflicts in the future); so how 
about adding a first line to each map file as such

% generic map file, suitable for dvips and pdftex

(i'll do that anyway i think)

> > i'm not sure what the difference
> > in syntax is you refer too, (maybe the missing FontNames, but dvips should
> > be able to handle this).
>A map file for dvips always has the FontNames and it does not make use
>of the special bits that have been introduced by pdftex.

ok, so 'no font name' means pdftex; i can build that into texfont, sure

>Just forget about subpath. There is just texmf/fonts/map//.

so in a way we're lucky that 'dvips' precedes 'pdftex' in sorting but i'm 
not so sure about dvipdfmx, which, when map files with similar names are 
used, and we have no guarantee for that not being the case, we could be in 
trouble. So maybe a subpath {,dvips,pdftex,dvipdfmx} makes sense after all. 
I have to play with that

(sorry for bothering you, but for me clear pictures are needed in order to 
be able to sell the message)


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