[tex-live] Bug in install-tl.sh (TeX Collection '03 and TLC2)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jul 27 01:53:08 CEST 2004

    systems=`(cd $BIN; ls -l | grep "^d" | awk '{print $9}')`

I decided to change this to:
  systems=`(cd $LISTS; ls bin-tex.* | sed  -e 's/bin-tex.//')
which is the same logic used in install-live.sh and install-compr.sh (now).
I'm not worried about the extra processes.

    (Oh, btw: tex-demo at tug.org, which is given within install-tl.sh itself
    as a contact address, bounced on me.)

One too many global replaces.  I changed to the intended tex-live at tug.org.
Glad you got past that :).

       export LC_ALL=C

I added this to common.sh, although I don't think it's necessary any
more.  I hope it doesn't cause unexpected trouble, like people wanting
any shell error messages in their locale language or something.

We don't currently plan to have the "demo" distribution this year
anyway, but in case we do, at least it's fixed.


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