[tex-live] enctex support files in texmf

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Sun Jul 18 17:32:49 CEST 2004

> and tex/plain/enctex. Thomas, for me there is no reason to split
> such stuff into 2 directories, as "generic" is dedicated for macros
> which can serve for any format. We can even use enctex extensions
> for making latex format, I guess. 

have you looked at these plain-*.tex files? They \dump in the end and they
can only be used to create a plain-like format. Similar are dcfonts.tex,
ecfonts.tex and noprefnt.tex: they can be used to "patch" plain.tex.

So, I am sure that you agree with me that some subdirectory of tex/plain
is the right place for these files. I wonder what the "trouble" is that
you want to avoid.

> Next example from the current teTeX-beta: tex/generic/epsf/epsf.tex and

Reinhard Kotucha suggested to move the file (26 Jan 2003, tetex-pretest
list). Nobody disagreed...

> > doc/generic/enctex/unimap.diff
> > doc/generic/enctex/unimap.py

A diff file or a script *can* be considered to be documentation (at
least for some people). But I agree, and have moved the files.

> > doc/generic/enctex/vlna.tex
> it should go to the input area

I think that a sample document is documentation. For things like
"story.tex", "small2e.tex" and "sample2e.tex" it is nice to have them
in TEXINPUTS, because they can be used for a short test to verify the
installation. Is "vlna.tex" of the same kind?

> As you can see, it is sometimes very difficult to find out where
> the files should go.

Yes. And sometimes, it is just a matter of taste (as with story.tex,

> It could be even more difficult to update
> a package (esp. with some new files and other removed from the 
> distribution), when the contents of that package has to be splited
> into many directories.

Lets create the right tools for package management, then this will become
easier. The user (who upgrades a package) should not need to know about
the directory structure that is used.

> Having tex/generic is enough clear.

We try to follow the tds. If we see that the tds is a pain to follow, we
try to modify and to improve it. For teTeX, I have even split latex/base,
because I have installed fontmath.cfg, fonttext.cfg and preload.cfg into
tex/generic/config (for some good reason).


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