[tex-live] fwd: \delta in overfull \hboxes screws up xterm

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Wed Jul 14 13:47:17 CEST 2004

Vladimir Volovich <vvv at vsu.ru> writes:

> "DK" == David Kastrup writes:
>  DK> Sorry, but when TeX is running inside of a TeX shell (writing
>  DK> into a pipe or pseudo terminal) there are valid reasons for
>  DK> wanting 8bit throughput.  So while we don't want a _default_
>  DK> print-through setting probably, we at least want an option to
>  DK> have the terminal output go through.
> BTW, is it that hard to automatically translate ^^-notation to 8-bit
> notation inside the AUC-TeX?

The problem is that it is wrong.  If I have something like

  You can use \verb+^^I+ to produce a TAB character.

then this translation should not happen.  If I do this sort of
translation from the log file, then I don't get a string from the
error message context suitable for searching in the source text, since
it is completely unknown whether ^^I or a TAB character was actually
typed.  I would then have to convert each ^^ occurence into a regular
expression like \(?:\^\^I\|	\).  And then we have different ^^
conventions to cater for in connection with Omega and stuff.

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