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Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
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For teTeX-beta, I have removed tex/latex/graphics/dvipdfm.def (from
graphics) and added tex/latex/dvipdfm/dvipdfm.def (from dvipdfm
distribution). I suggest that TL follows this.


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Probably we should now not have any driver .def files in the core distrib,
just a drivers.dtx that sort of documents how to make such a file. Any
driver that is maintained at all has a .def file by now, and its much easier
for it to be maintained with the driver.


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Mark A. Wicks writes:
 > I apologize for my delayed response.  I am currently on vacation
 > and my only internet access is by a metered dialup connection
 > in a hotel, so I am checking my email rather infrequently.
 > Several years ago, I asked Davis Carlisle not to use the
 > dvipdfm.def file that I distribute because at that time older
 > versions of dvipdfm wouldn't understand the 'psfile' command.
 > Today that's no longer true because these old versions are no
 > longer around.  Unless somebody else has a good reason not too,
 > today I would recommend that you (and anybody else) use the
 > version of dvipdfm.def that is distributed with dvipdfm.


in fact i would very much prefer if we strip down the driver section in
graphics to what the LaTeX team can actually support (to some extend) and
put a list of "additional" drivers that can be obtained there. distributions
like tetex then only have to combnie and not to merge


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