[tex-live] Re: [patch] fix to the Build script.

Tigran Aivazian tigran at aivazian.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Jul 4 20:04:33 CEST 2004

On Sun, 4 Jul 2004, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> Tigran Aivazian wrote:
> >Hi Sebastian,
> >
> >The top level Build script executes "make clean" but there is no Makefile 
> >in the current directory. If, however, the Makefile.in is used as a 
> >Makefile then it works. Without it the current snapshot fails to Build 
> >because of the leftovers from previous built.
> >  
> >
> hmm. I added
>  test -f Makefile && make clean
> which is better, isn't it?

No, because with your version it won't build today. But if you make sure
there is a Makefile (whether it is the same as Makefile.in currently
present or something else, I have no idea) then still there will be no
need for "test -f Makefile" either, because the Makefile will just be

Kind regards

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