[tex-live] installation errors with the current snapshot

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jul 4 15:20:08 CEST 2004

    store the file with 0644 mode when the CD is being 

Yes, as it happens, I made that change yesterday.  However, I think your
other proposal, to simply not include it at all, might be the right one :).

    2. why is there win32 installed in TeX/bin directory? I only selected the
    default (x86_64) architecture to be installed.

Looking ...

    3. reported required disk size 120M but the real number (du -sh TeX) is 
    almost hundred times higher, 1.1G.

Er.  Sebastian?

    4. something to do with updating font maps:

This is why we probably should not use the updmap.cfg from the master.

    5. at the end of installation the message tells about PATH but forgets
    to mention VARTEXMF. Is this no longer needed?

It is needed.  I'll be moving the runsetup function to common.sh, so
that both inst and live will do the same things.

    ! Nonletter.
    l.37 .^^^

As you saw, eohyph.tex says:
  % Characters out of ASCII range are in Unicode ^^^^xxxx notation

The implication is that eohyph.tex can only be processed by omega or aleph.
I don't know if the infrastructure has a way to represent that.
Just remove esperanto as a dependency, maybe?  Sebastian?

I had no problem creating fmt files yesterday, by the way, with the
default and GUT setups.  I didn't have time to try the full scheme,
which is probably where eo comes in.


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