[tex-live] --with-etex, --without-etex, --with-pdftex, --without-pdftex ?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jul 4 01:55:38 CEST 2004

    With the changes to the format files and options and stuff, I need
    feedback from users of the new binaries in order to know whether
    there are any bad mistakes left.

FWIW, today I tried both live and inst installations, with the
recommended and GUT schemes, and was able to create formats and run
simple documents.  There were a few installation-time errors which I'm
working out with Sebastian, but it all seemed basically functional.

Are there particular things you would like be tested?

    Coming up is a bit more of that

Well, we have a number of volunteers who responded to my earlier
requests for people to test.  But I don't think it makes sense to ask
them to start until we have something which we believe is stable, i.e.,
you and Martin, at least, have no more pending changes.  Having them try
when it's still a moving target seems like it will just be frustrating.
(Ditto remaking all the binaries.)

Until then, of course it is good for anyone who is willing to test the
code in its current state, as Staszek, Daniel, and others are doing.

(And if Kim R., or anyone, can find other devoted workers willing to
test, as was discussed at Bachotek, so much the better.)

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