[tex-live] man&info

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jul 4 01:18:58 CEST 2004

    1. I'm trying to update for the depot man pages as they are generated
       but don't know how to rebuild .html versions

Well, there is a program man2html (installed on tug.org, for example),
although I don't know for a fact that that is what was used.

   (and have no time for that:)

We should do so automatically, but that's one thing that doesn't have a
script or Makefile yet, as far as I know.  

    2. as for info pages I've got somehow different set (compared to p4), eg. 
    (without .info extension!), 

The lack of the .info extension there is intentional.  It's explained in
texinfo.txi; the weirdness is basically to appease rms, although I could
probably change it at this point.  In any case, I made the name
texinfo.info by hand.

    and also texi2html.info[-1-3], 
    web2c.info[-1-4]. p4 depot contains some more files (bzip2 etc.)
    so I cannot just replace the whole set (including dir) and remade
    .tpm files. 

Let me be sure I understand.
Are you comparing the result of make install to what is in

If so, the answer is simple.  Forget make install.  I generated the info
files currently in p4 by hand, with makeinfo --no-split.  (At Fabrice's
suggestion, it seemed silly to have multiple files, they just cause trouble.)

I wasn't aware that there was a texi2html.texi, but I see there is now.
Well, one of us can build that.

One possible improvement would be for the build process to pass
--no-split.  Then the result of make install could be used.  This should
be possible via MAKEINFO_FLAGS, etc.

Or, perhaps it would be even better to either have the Makefiles or a
script that builds the Info, HTML (also --no-split), and PDF files for
these manuals.  I did all that by hand, since there aren't very many of
them and they don't often change.  Before doing it again, I would
probably write a script :).

    Any hint?

Does this help explain the situation?

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