[tex-live] Please enable ipc in tex

Jonathan Fine J.Fine at open.ac.uk
Fri Jul 2 18:28:29 CEST 2004

Please, if not already done, would you build TeX with
  configure --enable-ipc

Here is why:

Ordinarily, TeX buffers its output dvi file.
Tom Rokicki made changes here on the NeXT platform.
This allowed dvi files to be previewed while TeX was still running.

--enable-ipc adds these changes to the system dependent part of TeX.
This adds a command line flag --ipc, whic turns off buffering.

The texd project, and also dvipng and PyX, use this when available.
(All 3 projects are on sourceforge.)

For several years tex on Debian has included this feature.

For info on texd visit http://www.pytex.org/texd/index.html


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