[tex-live] map file / new path settings

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Sun Jan 25 11:50:54 CET 2004

On Jan 24, 2004, at 23:10, Thomas Esser wrote:

> Something like:
>   TeX Live follows a chnage of the TeX Directory Standard made in
>   Feb. 2003 which means that you need to rearrange your local texmf
>   trees if they still use the old organization.
>   If you have map files inside the dvips or pdftex directory tree, move
>   them to fonts/map. If you have enc files inside the dvips directory
>   tree, move them to fonts/enc. If you have input files for etex, 
> mltex,
>   omega and pdftex at top-level in your directory tree, move them to
>   the tex tree. Try to preserve the structore that was below the old
>   tree, e.g.  move pdftex/foo/baa/x.tex to tex/foo/baa/x.tex.

This could be scripted.

I went through a rearrange for my users a while back (splitting texmf 
in texmf and texmf.tetex) and I think hardly anybody noticed it. These 
changes here are more extensive, but it could be interactively scripted 
for the large part.


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