[tex-live] Non-free fonts in CTAN and TeX Live

Juhapekka Tolvanen juhtolv at cc.jyu.fi
Wed Feb 25 05:41:56 CET 2004

I am convinced, that these non-free font directories must be moved
to non-free directory immediately:


In addition those fonts must be removed from TeX Live CD-ROM.

BTW in Debian GNU/Linux this thing happened, recently: LuxiMono and
Adobe Utopia fonts of XFree86 were moved to separated Debian-packages
and then those packages were put to non-free -section. Also IBM
Courier experienced the same destiny, but I can't find that font in

On the other hand, I just heard from comp.text.tex , that Robin
Fairbairns is trying to find author of Pandora fonts (N.N. Billawala)
in order to ask her to change the licence of those fonts. Any help for
finding her would be really appreciated.

Juhapekka "naula" Tolvanen * http colon slash slash iki dot fi slash juhtolv
"Kun katsoo suuren tyhjyyden ilkkuvaan ilvehahmoon, ponnistaa tahtonsa ja
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