[tex-live] [TL2003] Problems with ec-fonts

Martin Schröder ms at artcom-gmbh.de
Tue Feb 24 17:34:34 CET 2004

I'm struggeling with a TL installation. I got the dvd image,
installed the generic setup+ and now pdftex doesn't know about
the ec fonts. 
I installed cm-super with 
        "sh ./install-pkg.sh --package=cm-super"
but pdftex.map still has no entries for it (but the cm-super
mapfiles are in updmap.cfg). 

Which magic spell for updmap is missing?

Best regards

PS: The doc on the disc (livese3.html#x6-140003.3) talks about a
    --config option to install-pkg.sh, while the script knows only
    about --texconfig. :-{
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