[tex-live] cleanup

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Tue Feb 17 18:49:24 CET 2004

"KB" == Karl Berry writes:

 KB> We wrote a paragraph about this in TDS 1.0.  Do you think it
 KB> needs changes?

 KB> \path|pfm| files are included in the \path|type1| directory,
 KB> instead of being given their own directory, for two reasons: 1)~a
 KB> \path|.pfm| file is always an adjunct to a given \path|.pfb|
 KB> file; 2)~they must be installed from the same directory for
 KB> Windows programs other than \TeX{} to use them.  Furthermore,
 KB> although it is better to use \path|afm| and \path|inf| files than
 KB> \path|pfm|, \path|inf| files are available for few public \TeX{}
 KB> fonts (at this writing).

This is clear RE the location of PFM files (and i agree that it's a
good choice), but it's not clear what is suggested for INF files -
shall they be put in the same dir as *.pf[abm], or in the same dir as
*.afm ?


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