[tex-live] Re: tex *live* packages [was: .. acronym package missing doc]

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sat Feb 14 18:28:11 CET 2004

Itay Furman wrote:

>>. my idea is to take
>>the current Perl script and simplify it considerably by 
>>taking out all the special cases. This information would be 
>>stored in TPM2 .xml files. When the script runs on package 
>>X, it reads X.xml, which tells it the parameters for the job 
>>(is it a  latex package, a font package, etc; what is the 
>>doc file; which .ins file to run).
>I would like to try working on that.
>If this is OK with you, then let me know how we proceed.

grab a Perforce client from www.perforce.com
and point it at sun.dante.de:1666, following
the Perforce "quick start" instructions. make yourself
a client spec, and pull down


then grab your yourself a package from CTAN,
and see what happens you do

  perl ctan2tds.pl $directoryname

where "directoryname"  is where the CTAN package is

reiterate 15 times in increasing frustration until it works. Ask
me why when it fails :-}

OK, now you are at the same position as me; and you
can start taking apart ctan2tds.pl and try to make
it read XML config files instead of all its hard-wired specialcase

does this make sense?


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