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p.se at gmx.at p.se at gmx.at
Fri Feb 13 16:39:59 CET 2004

I am trying to install TeXLive 2004 on a Solaris system, from the CD
distributed by DANTE. I am requesting the recommended general installation,
but I deselected a few of the languages which are foreseen as the standard.
I am getting errors because lots of hyphenation files are requested which
are not available, for example catalan.
Content of TeX/texmf/tex/generic/config/language.dat is given below.

It looks like a bug that these files are not installed but then

I am also missing guidance how I can achieve proper access modes in
the various parts of the TeX directory tree. It seems not to be set

Best regards

english          ushyph.tex
french           frhyph.tex
german           dehypht.tex
ngerman          dehyphn.tex

%!bahasa                inhyph.tex
%!basque                bahyph.tex
catalan         cahyph.tex
croatian        hrhyph.tex
czech           czhyph.tex
danish          dkhyph.tex
dutch           nehyph96.tex
estonian        ethyph.tex
finnish         fihyph.tex
%!galician      gahyph.tex
greek            grphyph.tex
hungarian       huhyph.tex
italian         ithyph.tex
latin           lahyph.tex
%!magyar                huhyph.tex
mongolian       mnhyph.tex
norwegian       nohyph.tex
polish          plhyph.tex
portuguese      pthyph.tex
romanian        rohyph.tex
russian         ruhyphen.tex
slovene         sihyph.tex
%!turkish       trhyph.tex
serbocroat      shhyph.tex
slovak          skhyph.tex
spanish         eshyph.tex
swedish         svhyph.tex
ukenglish       gbhyph.tex
ukrainian       ukrhyph.tex
welsh           cyhyph.tex
dumylang       dumyhyph.tex   % for testing a new language.
nohyphenation  zerohyph.tex   % a language with no patterns at all.

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