[tex-live] Re: tex *live* packages [was: .. acronym package missing doc]

Staszek Wawrykiewicz staw at gust.org.pl
Thu Feb 12 04:15:53 CET 2004

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> > When macros are of general purpose, they should be put in 
> > tex/generic/.../
> and how do you tell they are general purpose?

It should be designated in any level in metadata file.
> > 1a) If the main contents of the package is font or mp stuff,
> >     the documentation goes to doc/font/... or doc/metapost/...
> >     *even* when accompanied with latex's .sty files (which goes
> >     to tex/latex/...
> you'd have to quantify "main contents", and provide an 
> algorithm for calculating it...

If the package contains .mf sources and/or type1 .pfb files, it belongs
to font stuff. So Hans would be happy using them also in ConTeXt...
> > 1b) all input files (and graphics) for the documentation and/or examples
> >     should go to doc/.../...
> if one can determine what they are

Yes, it's difficult to guess.

> > 2a) If README (or similar file) contains full description
> >     --> doc/.../
> > 2b) If README (or similar file) contains *only* what to do with .dtx
> >     -- can be left in source/.../
> um, that implies _reading_ the README. sorry, no time for that/

So packages still have to be tested and... corrected. Again and again
for every release.
> > Typical mistakes when using any automata (just to show):
> > a) metaobj as latex package (evident metapost stuff)
> > b) metatex as latex package (plain tex macros)
> my default is latex unless its overridden.
> this is all of course the point of tpm2, to provide all this 
> metadata in a single place.
Please tell us how as far it is done:
1. e.g. TL depot contains correct package layout and contents
2. the package is then updated on CTAN, so do you make it again from the 
   scratch for TL? If not, what about additions/deletions in the new 
   version (example: doublestroke was previously without type1 fonts, now
   we have them, but unfortunatelly .map file wasn't added to TL).

To conclude: the metadata file for every package should be made for CTAN
at first place. It can serve for _any_ distribution, as well as for CTAN
searching/indexing tools.  Should be obligatory for any new package
upload. For older packages all prescriptions can be made in, say, one
year. Of course, all experience from TL and ready made (and rechecked)
recipes could make it easier and faster.

Things to do:
1. good and complete specification for such metadata file
2. finding a team for rechecking the current stuff, according to clear

Not so brutal (or optimistic)? ;-}

Staszek Wawrykiewicz 
StaW at gust.org.pl

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