[tex-live] texlive 2003 -- acronym package missing doc

Harald Harders h.harders at tu-bs.de
Wed Feb 11 14:17:27 CET 2004

> perhaps people would like to look at
> http://users.ox.ac.uk/~rahtz/tpm2.zip.
> This collection of XML metdata files records what
> I know about each package in TeX Live. It combines
> that with everything (more or less) from Williams' catalogue.

Mmh, I don't really understand all of these files:

How are the <Pattern> tags to be understood. Are they similar to the
targets in Makefiles? How does a programme know which commands have to be
run exactly to generate these files?

> would people be interested in maintaining this and writing
> software to make use of it? done right, it only tells me
> which files to preserve for documentation, but also builds
> the texdoctk database.

Will it already help you if we provide an xml file in this format with our
packages? I do not know much about xml. Thus, will these files
still be usable by William for his catalogue?


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