[tex-live] Problems installing doublestroke ps-1 fonts and updmap

Harald von Aschen harald.von.aschen at gmx.de
Wed Feb 11 05:14:06 CET 2004


And here is the solution. During weekend I have used my notebook with the 
"old" tex-live installation from CTAN-CD's 2002 and all was working. So I 
supposed the problems are again the search paths. Today I have tried again 
a solution and found out following (System Windows 98):

E.g. I'm looking for the eurofont.map:
kpsewhich grverb.map

And nothing is found although the font map is installed properly under
with the standard tex-live installation

Other font maps installed by tex-live in this directory are also not found. 

C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\susaneu>kpsewhich -show-path=map

This means that the directory "texmf-var/fontname" has to be manually 
created, it is not installed with tex-live. And please look here in the 
documentation TeTexDoc.pdf: "put that [map file] into the dvi/misc 
directory" where it is never found!

And under my "old" system all is working because of the "old" searching.

Next problem: updmap is still not working correctly: Fabrice, I have 
replaced updmap.pl and ran updmap. Updmap is not updating pdftex.map 
correctly. Here is the result after (o.k. first texthash) updmap and then

pdflatex harald.tex

(f:/Programme/TeXLive/texmf/tex/latex/german/ngerman.sty v2.5e 1998-07-08)
(./harald.aux) (f:/Programme/TeXLive/texmf-local/tex/latex/dsfonts/udsrom.fd)
(./harald.aux) )
Warning: pdflatex.exe (file dsrom12): Font dsrom12 at 600 not found

The font is not found! After manually adding the lines from dstroke.map to 
pdftex.map (or editing pdftex.cfg and then putting dstroke.map to the 
correct place for pdflatex) it is working. Here is the important line from 
the log


I don't know wether updmap is changing the other files. Sorry I have to go 
to bed for now and am able to do more "research" first on Friday.

And please consider for the search: This was done on a fresh Tex-Live 
installation from the dante CD's edition 9/2003 (TeX Collection TeX Live + 
CTAN) and then with all updates as mentioned on the the Tex-Live site. 
(Perhaps problems are appearing here because it was a fresh installation 
and not only an update?)

Best regards


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