[tex-live] fix packages for CJK

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Feb 10 22:22:06 CET 2004

The CJK support for TeXLive8 as distributed on DVD is severely broken
due to missing files.

I've uploaded the necessary fix packages to


In summary, over 650 files, having more than 20MByte, have been added
(again)...  Everything should now be fixed in the TexLive depot.

Below is the README.

Karl, can you add an entry on the TexLive-Bugs web page?  Feel free to
copy those archives to a CTAN or TUG server if it makes sense to you.



In this directory you can find compressed archives which contain missing
files of the CJK package as delivered on TeXLive 8 (dated 2003). For the
particular script the fixes are essential; without them the CJK package
won't work.


    Download this if you need support for traditional Chinese in CNS


    This archive contains missing metric files for traditional Chinese
    in Big 5 encoding.


    While the Japanese metric files actually are in TeXLive 8, the
    corresponding PS fonts are missing.


    Most of the Korean font data has been erroneously removed from
    TeXLive 8.


    Missing files for Thai support in the CJK package.

After downloading, simply unpack the chosen archive(s) into your local
TEXMF tree -- the archives have already the correct directory structure.
A single file will be overwritten (dvips/dbtt/dbtt.map, in the Thai
archive); all other files are new ones:

  cd <your local TEXMF tree>
  bunzip2 <archive>.tar.bz2
  tar xvf <archive>.tar

Finally, you should run `updmap'; this regenerates the map files and
updates the hash database.

Please report problems to cjk-bug at ffii.org.

    Werner Lemberg <wl at gnu.org>  2004-Feb-10

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