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Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Feb 10 22:07:46 CET 2004

On Die, 10 Feb 2004, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> Aah, a big misunderstanding!  I don't mean the p4 side, I mean the
> TeXLive side!  I want to compile the programs, I want to really access
> the files in the TeXLive tree, but I want don't want to put any
> created files like `latex.fmt' into the TeXLive workspace.

Shouldn't happen if you do NOT set texmf-var to something *in* the tree.
I have the following layout:

/usr/TeX/   ---> texlive-src/{Master,Build,..}
            ---> texmf
            ---> texmf-var
            ---> bin/i386-linux
where texmf contains only MY texmf.cnf file (and updmap.cnf, copy from
texmf-var), bin/i386-linux is a COPY from Master/bin/i386-linux (or my
own self compiled stuff), and the settings in MY texmf.cnf:
TEXMFMAIN = $SELFAUTOPARENT/texlive-src/Master/texmf
TEXMFDIST = $SELFAUTOPARENT/texlive-src/Master/texmf-dist
TEXMFLOCAL =                    $SELFAUTOPARENT/texmf
VARTEXMF =                      $SELFAUTOPARENT/texmf-var
(In fact I have some more for commercial fonts etc)
This way all the generated files go into VARTEXMF, and if binaries are
broken in the depot, I still have my own copy, and nothing is written
into texlive.
Local files go into TEXMFLOCAL=/usr/TeX/texmf

If you have more questions, just ask me

Best wishes


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